How to GET MOTIVATED when you work from home

How to motivate yourself when you work from home. Home. So I have 4 tips for you guys.

Number one starts the night before. Sorry. If you’re anything like me, you kind of will end up looking for reasons to not work. Not intentionally, hopefully. But things distract you. So, you’ll go to sit down and you’ll be like oh no. My office is a mess, I need to clean it. Or, my bed hasn’t been made yet or my kitchen is just disgusting. How can I work knowing that things are a mess? So, I find it helps a lot if you do these things the night before. You don’t have to go crazy with it cause I know by the time night comes around we’re exhausted and we don’t want to do it. But just, at least, tidy and that’s going to help so when you wake up the next morning, you don’t feel like you have to do those things. And you can just focus on your work.

Number two. Get dressed. If you work from home and your bedroom is literally across the hall from your office or wherever it is. When you walk across the hall and sit down at your computer and you’re still in your pyjamas or you haven’t put a bra on yet.

You’re not going to be motivated to be your best. I don’t why. I mean there’s nothing that really changes but I find I feel a lot better about getting work done. I feel more productive. I don’t feel as lathargic. I don’t feel as lazy. I don’t as slow. And that always helps. Get dressed. As fast as possible. Pretend like you have to leave the house in 5 minutes and get dressed.

P-kahhh! Have some fun with it, you know. Why not?

Number three is eat. Because hours aren’t really a thing when you work from home or you’re an entrepreneur. If I am motivated to do something, which is awesome, but then I immediately come down and I sit here and start answering emails. And I have forgotten to drink water or eat a good breakfast, not just any breakfast and I start doing things. All of a sudden, I have been sitting down for two hours and I feel terrible because I am starving, I’m exhausted.

My brain is not working properly. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, get a nice big glass of water. Drink it. And make yourself a good breakfast. Now, this could also go back to tip number one where you do this the night before to help you out. So, whether it’s overnight oats or you just have cereal or toast or you have your fruit already cut up. And then you are going to feel better cause you’ve got something in your stomach, and you can sit down and you can focus. Cause food is for the brain as much as it is for the belly. Oh my god, I’m so lame. Okay.

Number four. The first thing I want you to do is make a quick to-do list. This could be a list that you have ready to go for every single morning. But if you don’t, just make a quick to-do list. So, it’s check your emails, respond to emails and maybe the third thing is whatever project you are working on, just write down one part of that project that you want to get done.

So, for me where I edit photos and videos. Let’s say I want to cull my photos from my session yesterday. So, that’s on my to-do list. And then, immediately and I mean immediately get something done. So, for me I usually go to emails first and I get those done right away. And then, you close your email cause they get distracting and you move on to the next thing. And, I have a bonus. Especially if you work by yourself and you work from home, you don’t see people a lot and you can get in a comfort zone.

So, here’s my bonus tip.

Leave the freaking house. So, if you’ve been cooped up in your house for however long, whether it’s hours or days and you haven’t left, get outside. Go for a walk, do a quick errand. Like, do something to get yourself out of the house. Find some energy. Get reenergized. Fresh start. And then, come back, to-do list and do it.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs at your doorstep? Matt.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in the water? Bob.

I will see myself out now. Okay, bye..

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5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home

So today let’s talk about 5 small business you can start at home that probably don’t cost you much of anything. So, let’s start with something relatively simple.



One of the businesses you can start from home today at almost no cost is a consultancy. Most of what you’ll need for this comes down to having a smart phone and a computer. Possibly, a webcam. These might be things that you already have. At best, you might also need a headset of some kind. Possibly, a microphone. These things aren’t super expensive and it isn’t overwhelmingly difficult if you have knowledge in a specific area. For example, I do consulting for marketing, brand development, and video marketing, and production as well as creative services, and I’m able to charge relatively well for this per client.


Graphic Design

Ok, so business number two: graphic design. Although, it is not my primary at home business. I would say that my overwhelming, the majority of my business comes from my graphic design services, which is another thing you can do at home. It doesn’t have to be limited to graphic design. You can do a number of creative things. You can do graphic design. You can do photography. These are service based creative businesses you can do at home, and all you have to do is invest in whatever the equipment and skills you’ll need to execute on that, and market yourself well enough. Whether that’s locally or online. Maybe your strong suite is mentoring or coaching, or you could do relationship consulting if that is your skill set.

The two business ideas above can be combined into a mashup or sorts. For instance, you can start some kind of consultancy and charge a certain fee for that and/or porvide the actual services, be it  a creative services profession like graphic design and structure it at a higher package deal.  The options can be varied and very profitable.


Tech Support

Another stay at home business that you can start from home, believe it or not, is a tech support based business. Tech is not entirely the same as consultancy because of the expertise it requires, and the level of execution involved, and there’s a little more nuance than detailed things to it. So I would say that it’s very different from consulting just because of how involved or ingrained it can get, and I would say that you can have a tech-based business from home doing some very specific stuff, and that might involve doing things on the programming side.

It might involve technical sport and customer service. It might involve help desk services, and there are a lot of companies that hire people to do that from home or that outsource to small businesses that do that, and you could provide that service from home. There’s obviously user testing and bug testing that you could do as a technical person. So, I would say that that could be a very lucrative business for you if you are in a situation where maybe you’re a stay at home parent, maybe you have an introverted personality, or you have anxiety about being in public.

This is business that would allow you to overcome those barriers and still be very successful.


Copy Writing

So, the fourth business we’re gonna talk about is online writing and copy writing. You could be creating content for magazines and writing that stuff from home. You could be writing for online publications. You could be doing copy writing and advertising work for firms and companies while working remotely, and this could be very successful for you. In terms of what you might get, you might get as much as $100 an article or you might have a rate that is based on per word, and this may not be limited to writing. You can do video and editorial work. You could be doing proof-reading. There’s a whole business model that you could build out just around writing and copy writing and content development for individuals, companies, and brands, and smaller firms, marketing companies, ad agencies, etc. I think that this could be a very lucrative business for you if you’re a stay at home person. It doesn’t require much investment either.

You just need a computer and a smart phone for the most part and you’re good to go. There might be instances where maybe you need to use services like Dropbox. There’s a lot of stuff that’s free. I should actually do another post on all of these free online services you can use to help your small business.



So, the fifth and final business we’re gonna talk about that you can start from home is you can start e-commerce based business. You can do this by a lot of different things. You can do affiliate marketing where you’re selling other people’s products online with websites like Amazon or what have you. You could be selling products that you might have, on Ebay, used.

There’s any number of things you could do. You could be setting up a DIY-based business where you’re selling your products through something like Etsy. So, doing a e-commerce business where selling products, whether they be your own or other people’s is another great stay at home business that doesn’t require a lot for you to get started. If you’re doing the affiliate marketing side of that, again, the most you really need there is a computer. You might need a website to help you out with that. You might need to start a blog of some kind. Obviously, a social media presence. These things aren’t very expensive, and in some cases they can be free. So, I would say that that is a very good business to start with, very high potential profit margins, and very minimal investment.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post about 5 small businesses you can start at home.

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